Financial Literacy Services

We provide in-person and online financial programs that can help you get your personal or business finances on track

Business Skills Training

Our business education services help small business owners in our target communities to build their businesses and develop their skills

Mentoring Services

Mentoring is at the core of our mission. We connect mentees with professionals who listen and offer advice

Access to Knowledge Resources

Empower Us provides a wide range of products, tools, and information products for small business owners, entrepreneurs, or professionals.

Entrepreneurship Skills Development

We offer, mentorship programs, boot camps, tailored workshops, and other learning opportunities that teach entrepreneurship skills

Career Development Services

If you are looking for career development and employability services, we offer a range of expert consulting, mentoring, and coaching
Business ownership is hard <a href="#">Empower Us makes it easy.</a>
Get the tools and resources your business needs

Business ownership is hard Empower Us makes it easy.