At Empower Us, we understand that you need more than just money to excel in the business world. You need knowledge and skills to successfully lead your business in the marketplace.

Empower Us was founded to give everyone the opportunity to be great at business. Our business education services are designed to help our clients build their skills and develop their business knowledge. Our educational services and trainings will save you time, increase your productivity, and give you an edge over your competition.

We offer the following business education services and upskilling courses with a variety of packages for small business owners in our target groups. You don’t have to be an expert to take our courses – we teach the basics of business, marketing, finance, and more.

  • No-cost consulting
  • Business education
  • Business development seminars
  • Business operations training
  • Project management
  • Business bookkeeping and accounting strategies
  • Business scale-up and growth strategies
  • Business planning
  • Exit and succession planning
  • Marketing and advertising strategies
  • HR Management for small businesses

What can I expect?

Expert Guidance

Learn what it takes to start a business, make a profit, and grow your ventures in a supportive environment. Our courses are taught by experienced professionals in the industry. Our speakers are leaders in their fields, all with a wealth of experience and knowledge that they’re happy to share.

Find new ways to grow your business

Whether you’re looking for funding or low-cost suppliers, we have got you covered. We offer a variety of services that will help you get started with your dream business.

Learn from others’ mistakes

Sometimes we all need a little help getting ahead in life. With our free workshops you can learn from people who have been through what you are going through now and how they overcame it.

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